Our Testimonials
Kati W.

I was having hypertensive spikes, brain fog, dizziness, memory issues, anxiety, depression, heart palpitations, sleep problems and circulatory problems. I was on blood pressure medication, a beta blocker and baby aspirin. I have been able to eliminate the beta blocker and baby aspirin! I am still experiencing some mild fatigue and slight post exertional malaise. I continue to do restorative yoga and walking to keep my body moving, but it has taken months to be able to do this much and I continue working toward increasing my level of activity! This program has educated me on how to keep my body balanced and healthy. My vitamin and hormone levels are getting back to where they should be, I have lost weight, I have a positive outlook and I have more energy. Overall, my health has improved and the frequency and severity of my symptoms have decreased.

Pam G.

I was overweight, had just recovered from breast cancer and was having a lot of lingering side effects. My body ached constantly. I was on many different prescriptions, powders and creams and several different antibiotics. I was getting different infections so I knew there must be more to nutrition and a healthy life than most people talked about. Each of my doctors were great in their specialty but no one could seem to pull all the issues together. I was referred to Waves of Awakening and did some research online. I called and was walked through the initial process and scheduled an appointment with Dr. Arena. My husband came with me and I was off and running! I have lost weight, most of my aches and pains have subsided, I have lots more energy and I feel great! I have not needed antibiotics since starting and I have been able to eliminate most of the powders and creams. The amazing part to me is how we were able to get to the root of various issues and help bring all the pieces together to make life better! The staff and coaching support at Waves have been fantastic and Dr. Arena and Linda Cleary are amazing!

Mary L.

I was overweight, out of shape, very stressed struggling with my child’s health and I let myself go. I felt like I was giving up and had to be okay with the way I looked. Now I feel like I am where I always wanted to be: exercising and eating healthy. I am more confident and comfortable in my clothing. I lost weight and learned more tips on managing stress. I am taking good care of myself and prioritizing my health. I 100% would recommend this to others. I could not have done it on my own; the pace, the education and the support are excellent. I was determined to do this and looked at it as a challenge. Do exactly as your program directs and you will see big changes and feel better. It is a new lifestyle that you’ll love for the rest of your life!

Michelle P.

I was obese and had difficulty losing weight, I had joint pain in my arms and legs, swelling in my limbs painful to the touch, arthritis in my feet, low energy, brain fog, hair loss, dry skin, dry and brittle nails, painful menstrual cycles and would wake up in the middle of the night. I avoided doing things I loved because of the pain as well as the embarrassment. I was very self-conscious of my weight, size, and declining abilities. Now I’m feeling less like a 90-year-old and more like someone my age. The joint pain and swelling have improved tremendously which is helping me to become more and more active! I feel amazing and like a different person. I had my annual physical and my doctor was highly impressed with the improvements in my weight, labs, and overall wellness. I have more energy, better clarity and far less pain and swelling in my body.

Suzanne C.

I had very low energy, I wasn’t sleeping well, I was struggling to lose weight and I was battling high cholesterol. Now I have increased energy, I can sleep without using aids, I no longer need allergy medication, I lost weight, I lowered my cholesterol and blood pressure, and I am eating more mindfully without bingeing. Overall, I have a better outlook on life and my health. I meditate regularly and I’m able to manage racing thoughts that once controlled my days and nights.

Kristin F.

When I went through menopause, my body and energy changed. No matter what I did, I kept gaining weight and was exhausted all the time. I was irritable and I was not feeling like myself. Now I feel like myself again! My energy is back and I am no longer exhausted in the afternoon after work. I lost weight, I’m sleeping better and my hot flashes have also improved. My quality of life has improved and now I have the motivation to tackle every day life! I would absolutely recommend this program to others! I went in with the mindset that this would be work and I would need to push myself. Some things were overwhelming, but taking it one day at a time and knowing I had check-ins and support was helpful. I recommend sticking to the plan and using the coaching tools!

Jessica P.

I had contact dermatitis/eczema on my hands and could not find a trigger. I tried multiple steroid creams and Zyrtec. I has spent two years trying to figure out why I suddenly had eczema. Both the dermatologist and allergist gave me multiple steroid creams to treat my symptoms and were flummoxed that I wanted to figure out the root cause. The program gave me a place to start and achievable goals. I introduced eating meat back into my diet, no more hemorrhoids, eat good dietary healthy staples, learned how to use an Instantpot and I am a much starter grocery shopper. I was able to eliminate medications, I am less anxious, have more desire for intercourse since I came off birth control and the eczema has gone away and the itching has cleared. I’m back to using some of my old products that I assumed I was allergic to. The providers and coaches listened and worked side by side to narrow down root causes. I have more energy, feel better overall and less itching. I couldn’t have done it without them! I can’t say thank you enough!

Laura C.

I had a very upset gut and was using the bathroom 4-5 times a day. It was disrupting my quality of life. I was miserable. This was ongoing through four years while I was in college and failing through classes. The emotional toll it took on me was awful. Now I feel amazing. My gut is so much happier along with my mind! My quality of life has improved tremendously. I have the confidence to eat the foods I once couldn’t and have the knowledge to avoid things that give me trouble. I would 100% recommend this program to others. I was hesitant at first to start because of the money investment, but truly I would do it again because of how much better I feel. Yes, it was difficult, but anything worth having in life is hard! Please trust the process, this team does amazing work and they can help you!

Kristin E.

I was gaining weight, losing energy, low libido, Afib and suffering constant infections. These things prevented me from engaging in activities that bring me pleasure and reduce stress. I was anxious, depressed and felt defeated. I am now moving in the right direction. I am losing weight, more confident in my clothing, no longer struggling from constant infections, have greater libido and am more in control of what I eat. I would recommend this program to others. The team is responsive, educated, supportive, prepared and full of tidbits! If I could share one piece of advice with a new member it would be to commit to yourself and the program and don’t be afraid to try new foods.


I suffered from health issues after covid, abnormal weight gain, life stressors, suspected adrenal fatigue, anxiety and depression, I was on six plus medications which I have now been able to eliminate and/or start to wean off of. Now I feel human again! I go to bed early, sleep soundly and wake energized. I no longer feel sick all the time or suffer from debilitating headaches and fatigue. I can go for walks again, do the stairs and shop without shortness of breath and intense heart pain. I feel in control of my health and wellness!


I had been sick for over six years. Complete fatigue, brain fog, no strength in my legs to do anything! I was disconnected from everyone, exhausted and depressed. I had tried all sorts of doctors, specialists, medication, diet and supplement programs. I started last May and I have done everything Linda has recommended. I now feel amazing! I can ski and hike again where before I could barely make it up the stairs. I have tons of energy and I have lost 40 pounds because now my gut is working properly! I met Linda Cleary PA and my life literally changed. She paid attention to my issues and did tests that no other doctors had done. She really took the time to find the root causes of all my problems. You will never get this attention in a conventional healthcare setting not only from Linda, but from the whole staff there. I highly recommend Waves of Awakening; you will not be disappointed!


I started this program for my reasons. My skin was bad and has a lot of breakouts, I was really anxious and emotional most of the time, I had bad stomach/bowel issues that interfere with my sleep, I have PCOS so without birth control my periods weren’t regular and I was bloated. I started the program on three medications: metformin, birth control and spironolactone. I was able to eliminate all my medications by the end. I stopped metformin and spironolactone at the start of the program and I recently stopped birth control. My skin has cleared up and I only occasionally get a breakout, but nowhere near what it was before. My mental health has improved and I feel more in control of my emotions. After changing my diet, I was able to find out which foods hurt my stomach and cut them out so I no longer experience bowel issues. After finally going off birth control I still got my period. In the past my cycle off the pill was over 130 days, but now it is normal between 28-32 days.


For almost three years I had struggled with constant asthma, daily nose bleeds, and chronic upset stomach and diarrhea. I was tired all the time. I couldn’t exercise because my body was so sick so often. I felt frustrated and hopeless at times. I have so much energy and motivation now and so many really great things have been happening in my life as a result. I’m feeling so much better now that my stomach isn’t sick anymore and I’m not afraid of food like I was for so long. I can eat meals again and better understand what my body can and can’t tolerate. I would absolutely recommend this program to other people. I spend three years going to specialists and paying out of pocket for so many tests and never made progress until I participated in this program. If you truly want to get better, put all of your time and effort into your program or don’t do it. It’s not going to work if you only pick and choose parts you feel like doing. Give it your all!


I was under lots of stress, overweight, and taking medication for uncreative colitis which made me feel sick every day. I was tired, depressed and helpless. Now I have more energy, lost weight, eliminated my uncreative colitis medication, eliminated my blood pressure medication and overall feel better. This program saved me physically and mentally. I learned to eat healthy and to remove toxins from my life. This was the best thing I ever did for myself. The program and the staff are amazing. I can only say that it’s really up to the individual to use the tools given and educate yourself to make the lifestyle changes. Change is hard, but worth it! My only advise would be if you have a spouse/significant other that they do the program with you. Otherwise, old habits can and will taunt you. I am still trying my best every day and I will continue as best as I can living a healthier lifestyle!


I felt lethargic having really low energy and I was super bloated. I was still doing my job fine, but wasn’t feeling the energy to do much else. Nor did I even feel all that interested in doing things. I now have back a lot of energy and interest in daily life. I no longer feel bloated and inflamed. I feel so good. I feel the program has really instilled a lifestyle change that I am adhering to and it very manageable. I feel so much clearer in my daily planning, purpose, activities and work. This program has been incredibly beneficial for me. I will say, a person needs to be ready to commit to the program because in the end, it’s about you doing the work to make the results happen. It’s truly fascinating how much what you put in your body alone can be attributed to your life improving dramatically!


I was struggling with numerous physical and mental blockades that handicapped my health and overall happiness on a day-to-day basis. I developed seborrheic dermatitis on prominent regions of my body including my face and hands. I was experiencing the harsh effects of seasonal allergies. My stress levels were extremely high and as a result, my sleep habits worsened. All of these factors contributed to feelings of unhappiness and unfulfillment in regards to my physical and mental health. After attending and going through the program at Waves of Awakening, I feel optimized in regards to my physical and mental health and assured I have the tools in order to sustain these feelings as I age. Most importantly, I feel confident in myself once again> My seborrheic dermatitis has been healed, my seasonal allergies have been kept at bay, my stress has significantly decreased and my sleep has drastically improved. While modern medicine is not disregarded in the program, the alternative and functional approach that WoA provides is the key to optimizing the core tenants of your health. I would undoubtedly recommend this program to others. The program required dedication and sacrifice. However, thanks to the supportive team at WoA, the proves because significantly less demanding. Furthermore, the program is laid out clearly and precisely and this any hesitancy I had at the beginning was quickly quelled. If I could share one piece of advice with a new member, it would be to enjoy the process. Many people desire immediate, tangible results. However, a program that targets the root of the problem often won’t deliver instant results. Enjoying every step of the process and being grateful that you have begun the journey to a healthier existence will make the program far more enjoyable.


Linda Cleary has changed my daughter's life. We have been to many specialists at the best hospitals in Boston and treated by some of the finest medical minds but none of them knew how to change the underlying cause of her symptoms. Linda has traditional medical training and she goes beyond being merely a medical practitioner. Her investigations extend far deeper than symptoms to look at the whole person, their environment, their mental, social and spiritual states to find root causes of illness. Linda takes the time to understand her patients and speaks directly, providing guidance and presenting choices clearly. Most importantly, she cares about her patients. My 12 year old no longer suffers from chronic fatigue, severe back pain, headaches, stomach aches and anxiety, all from SIBO. My daughter has a much more positive regard for her body and understands how her disease functions and how to best care for herself, thanks to Linda. She is transforming not only our daughter's health, but her self esteem and her regard for her physical and spiritual body. Linda came so highly recommended from so many sources and now I understand why, as I continue to refer people to her. She is a gifted healer.

Susan D.

Several years ago my daughter was diagnosed with PCOS. She was quickly given “hormone therapy”, the pill and we were sent on our way. Although that helped tremendously with some of her issues she still suffered and we needed answers. I took her to Dr. Arena and within 15 minutes of meeting with her we had more answers from Dr. Arena than we had in 3 years at Children’s. She was kind, easy to talk to, knowledgeable, and really made my daughter feel as though she wanted to help her. We left the first visit feeling hopeful and with Dr Arena’s help my daughter’s world has completely changed and she is living her happiest healthiest life! Grateful!

Adalma M.

Dr. Arena, Thank you so much for all you and your team have done for me. Before I came to see you, I was in so much pain and discomfort I had to quit my job and could not take care of myself. I truly thought I was going to die. I took 2 years of visiting countless doctors, blood work and all kinds of tests and no one could figure out what was wrong with me. I am only 38 years old and with 2 daughters, I was not ready to give up. When I came to your office as suggested by my physical therapist, I was honestly just doing it to check off a box and I was not sure you were going to be able to help me. After you went through my medical history, you said you were going to help me. It's been over 6 months since my first visit with you. I am taking care of my kids, myself, my house and I am working again. I did everything you suggested and every day I wake up and I am not in pain. I go to bed and go through all the things I have accomplished. I am amazed and I truly thought I was not going to make it through that last summer. Thanks to you, I am planning my 40th birthday and my daughter's sweet 15th. Thanking you does not express how grateful I am for finding you.


BE THE LIGHT. I had a sign in the kitchen of our old home, that reminded us daily. Linda Cleary is that light!

We have been on a wild journey of pans/pandas/ extensive medical treatments/ mold/ immune system dysfunction/celiac/food allergies. We lost our home and worldly possessions, but we have found faith, hope, grit, and determination. After many years of different doctors and varied treatments, we landed exactly in the spot that we needed to be, right in Linda Cleary’s hands. From the very moment our sickest son met her, it was evident that she would be treating our whole family for mold illness. All five of the members of our immediate family were sick with different issues, but Linda seeks out root causes of dis-ease and illness, rather than treating symptoms. Linda has different ways to treat and heal all of my children. Linda meets my oldest where he is at, with all of his left brain thinking. She uses science and factual knowledge. For my second son, the sickest of our family at the time we met, she uses spiritual healing and her gift for natural treatments. Our third child, our sassy daughter, Linda treats with gut health. All three very different children, and they also require different ways of treating. It’s a speciality that is unlike any other practitioner we have come across. Linda meets us all where we are at, as individuals. She has a bond with my children that is so evident to see. She is light in the world, placed in our community to help heal and fix the dis-ease, in this very moment in time. When I share our journey and tell others how “Miss Linda” has bought my family’s health (physical, emotional, and spiritual) back to us, I cannot help but feel truly blessed. She is light. She is “mythical”. She is our Earth angel!